Friday, 1 June 2012

Getting in another thing that scares me before bedtime

And no, it's not checking the wardrobe for monsters!

I’m writing this very shortly after my last blog  mainly because my mind is all over the place and writing is the perfect outlet before I go to bed, and also because I know I probably won’t blog tomorrow.

I really did just do something spontaneous and intimidating. I was looking at the Get into Teaching Facebook page, and I saw an opportunity to blog about your experience either in voluntary placements, teacher training or actual teaching.

It seemed perfect, I want to teach, and I love to write, so I went ahead and emailed the address provided, stating how my initial application was rejected and I would love to blog about my resulting experiences on placement, trying to find voluntary opportunities and the challenges arising from it as well as the prospect of reapplying. I thought it would be interesting for myself to document the process as well as it being helpful to others who want to teach and will read it.

And now it’s quarter to midnight and even if this comes to nothing, I took the opportunity spontaneously, without over analysing it, and knew 100% that if my email is successful, I could make a valuable contribution to the Get Into Teaching blog and I could do it well.

Fingers crossed! Now it's bed time. 

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