Friday, 29 June 2012

Just checking in :)

So I’m slowly getting over my fear of driving, have stopped getting lost and am not as scared of merging onto motorways. As I said the other day, it’s all learn by doing, so I have been doing it a lot and driving all over the place and often. I even went for completely pointless 20 mile drive at 11pm that ended in a trip to Tesco for hay fever tablets and a bottle of water. Marc’s eyes suddenly looked like he was infected with some kind of zombie virus, but typically by the time we got to a 24 hour supermarket, it had cleared up.

It has been a pretty uneventful two days for doing things that scare me, so this will be quite short and I'm mainly only writing to keep up to date and not neglect any regular readers. I actually care about you lot and LOVE that I'm getting views from as far away as Malaysia and USA, so keep it up and tell your friends and get me more readers. Obviously tell them that I'm normally more interesting than this.

 But I did have a small hour of panic yesterday about the way things are going. As I said in a previous post, all of a sudden, everything is going right, but all of a sudden I have adult things to worry about. Now I have money and a car, I have to save for car insurance, worry about adult things like having loose change to park, where am I going to park? When should I start saving for Christmas and should I have some kind of back up fund in case I’m horrible at being a barmaid and get sacked?

Now I don’t know the answer to any of those, but I do know that I owe my parents around £500 for car insurance as I only had three quarters of it saved and I should start paying them back. If I work 16 hours in a week, I can earn £100, and this means that I need to start managing my money again and learn to save and accommodate, instead of living in an overdraft and squandering student loans.

Part of me missed the simplicity of being a student, but then I remembered that for most of it, I felt stuck in a rut and couldn’t wait to start being more independent and move on. So I am. I have ambition, I have responsibilities that will help things move forward in whatever direction I decide upon, and little inconveniences like parking and the change required for parking meters are just an annoying part of growing up.

So I have found out the dates for my insurance and MOT, will find my tax expiry date tomorrow and will look into breakdown cover with my dad. I will stop seeing work as the downfall of the social life I never actually really had and see it as a way of making more money than I currently need. So I will budget and start saving three ways: Car stuff, Christmas and spending money for a holiday next year.
How very adult of me!

I’ve also had to learn to prioritise. I got offered a three day school placement, but having already cancelled one, I’ve also cancelled this one. While my long term aims are the most important, I need money to make them happen and can’t really afford to annoy my boss with days off just yet. That can wait till September when hopefully, I’ll have another one day a week 6 hour placement.

For now, I have my weekly workshop and I love it, I have this and I have my writing which I need get back into. I have a supportive family, boyfriend and friends, a fat pony that makes me laugh, a job and a car. For the first time since finishing uni, I feel calm and able to count my blessings and enjoy my year out. I’ve stopped waking up feeling nervous, and instead wake up feeling content. At the moment, things are great.

I apologise that tonight’s post is just me rambling! Sorry that it’s been boring, but things never stay quiet for long. I can almost guarantee that the crazy will resume shortly. Probably before the weekend is out! 

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