Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Criticism isn't personal!

While I'm here, I just read my feedback from my creative writing project. I was aware that it got a 2:1, however while it is 'promising,' apparently page 10 is a bit 'naff.'

My main beef with this is that 'naff' isn't a very scholarly way of putting it, however it probably is accurate. But I don't know how to make it not 'naff.' I just tried to go correct it and saw it was a part that I struggled with and cringed, closing the document. This is something I need to get over and quickly, it's just hard to take criticism about something so personal.

So here's my options: give it a few days and go back to it, do some editing and some planning when I'm more alert and carry on, or get a cup of tea, take a deep breath and edit that page right now. Either sound find, but it needs doing, and I've done more daunting things today, so I shall make a cup of tea and try and work up the courage to read it over and make changes. Objectively and without feeling like the 'naff' is a reflection on me in general.

I know all writers go through this, but it's an important process, because only through horrible comments do you know where you can improve and what people want to read. I've had just as many compliments as I have criticisms, so I need to stop taking the criticism so personally and see it as just something else I need to work on.

After all, it was only one page of 24 he said was 'naff.' I would have been much more worried had it been all of them!

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