Monday, 14 May 2012

Lady Date

Yesterday I asked a couple of my friends if they wanted to go to Whitby today. I thought I would take control and organise something different, that doesn’t cost much money and is definitely not Middlesbrough where we normally meet for uni. Two of them were busy with work and such, but the other was free, so we decided to go on a road trip to Whitby.

I had all good intentions of going in the Dracula experience so that I’d have something really terrifying to write about today, but I once went through it and got so scared that I ran out of the emergency exit. Besides, Clare’s driving is terrifying enough. I think I had what Fight Club would call a near life experience and almost ended up near living right up the car in front’s arse. Apart from that, I wouldn’t say I did much scary today, unless you count my massive plate of fish and chips followed by a huge slab of toffee cake.

We wandered about on our lady date and found ourselves for the first time in ages talking about our interests and lives instead of uni or careers. Enjoying the wander and taking stupid photos, we even bought friendship bracelets as a souvenir of our lady date and walked to the abbey. I bought my parents a jar of rock and my boyfriend some fudge in a Star Wars tin. I’ll get my sister and nephew some sweets when I see them at the weekend perhaps. We did all the things you’re meant to do in Whitby, even walked along the pier and went to the lucky duck shop. I didn’t buy one mind. I have two already, used to be three but I dropped one and its head broke off. Clearly wasn’t that lucky.

On the way home, I did get a little bit of bad news. I had one voice mail from House of Fraser and one from the pub I applied to work in and was offered a trial shift. The House of Fraser one was only offering me an interview for four hours work on Sundays, and it’s out of town and not worth it for so few hours. I originally applied for part time meaning 8-16 hours. The other was telling me that there was no longer a vacancy at the pub, the person who I was replacing had been on long term sick leave, but was suddenly well enough to go back to work, so there was no need for me. I do feel a little disappointed, but instead of crying and wondering why people didn’t want me, or getting depressed by my grim prospects, I know something will come along eventually, and that my prospects aren’t really grim, I just need to make them better.

This isn’t really an inspirational day. I haven’t faced anything that would normally make me nervous, but I’ve been genuinely happy and free from responsibility and not allowed myself to worry about anything. For me, this is a huge step forward.

Casually posing by the life ring. 

Not that it’s going to last. I have my third driving test tomorrow. Perhaps I should spend tonight watching Scrubs or reading We Need to Talk About Kevin and just make sure I get a good night’s sleep. At least I know I’ll have plenty to write about tomorrow!

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