Friday, 18 May 2012

Decisions Decisions

For once in my life, possibly because I documented it online and possibly because I just spent what feels like a small fortune on a pair of trainers, I did what I said I would do.

I applied for a few part time jobs and am about to apply for another. Nothing flash or to brag about, and I’m over qualified for all of them, but money is money and as the student loan begins to dwindle, I can’t be picky and would much rather work any job than be stuck at home all day. I did struggle with one of the applications. After studying a degree in English Studies and failing GCSE maths and passing it second time by half a mark, basic arithmetic is beyond me. I used a calculator for almost every question and pen, paper or my fingers for the rest. I’m not ashamed. Tills tell you the change you need to give these days and my long term aim is to teach English, not tell you how the total of four pairs of shorts that are £3.94 each. I mean £3.94? What ever happened to a good, solid £4?

After hitting send on the applications, I stumbled across an email from the university careers service. It was basically advertising a graduate job (a real adult job!) working for an organisation that supports local charities. The salary was quite good and after noseying through their website, I felt I could probably ace the interview. This confused me. This wasn’t just a part time job, this was an ‘it’s this right now and will have big implications so make a decision opportunity. It was too much to handle so I went for a run.
I took my new trainers out for a run and turned on the tracking app on my phone. I pushed myself further than I normally would and my new trainers are awesome! They feel like I’m bouncing along. I managed to get 2.6 km. I was knackered at the end of it, but I enjoyed the challenge. However, I still felt no further forward in the decision making.

I went for another run/walk with my sister a few hours later. I agreed to do the Race for Life with her ages ago, but we rarely get chance to train together, so I would have felt bad saying I’d already been. We had a break in the dene and I got chance to explain my situation to her. I told her that £14,000 seems like a good opportunity, but I wouldn’t have the time to do voluntary work in schools and such, so it would put the teaching course out of the window even if I quit after a year. The fact I was even still considering voluntary work gave me my answer, so when she asked me ‘So what do you really want to do?’ I replied with a clarity that I’ve never really had before, ‘I want to teach.’

So there we have it. It finally hit me that my year out seemed necessary. I’m also eligible to be a student volunteer or student worker for up to two years after I graduate, so I reapplied for that as well. Hoping to get a work experience opportunity and a part time job sorted very soon, but at least applying for them has helped me realise that my current time off/dossing about is only temporary, and is probably necessary to recover from uni!

Probably won’t get chance to post tomorrow. I’m going to go for a run, ride my horse and spend some time with my sister and probably my nephew before going to my boyfriend’s for a film and bad tv night.

See you Sunday! 

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