Thursday, 24 May 2012

Just letting it happen

Sorry for the small absence, if I have anyone to apologise to. I disappeared to my boyfriend’s again. With my endless involuntary leisure time and his working a weekend shift this week, I thought I might as well. We got together four years ago when I was at sixth form and had a weekend job, then had to cope with the distance, stress and numerous other part time jobs that uni has thrown our way, so I suppose one silver lining of my current situation is that we can see more of each other, but know that when the situation changes again, as it inevitably will because things always do, we can cope.

I suppose I’d like that say that after embracing the chaos for so long, I’m finding my suddenly empty diary and dwindling student loan hard to handle. I disappeared to my boyfriends, and ceased to worry about everything. He is the most laid back person I have ever met and after resisting his happy go lucky approach to life for so long, this week, I have learnt that sometimes, it’s okay to just let things happen.
Enjoying the little things still, we went to TGI Friday’s (the ribs were wider than me. There is a picture kicking about but I’m not putting it on here!) and we went to the gym and I ran my elusive 3km. We’ve also had a cinema date and junk food and TV, generally everything couples might generically do all crammed into two days, and it’s been lovely.

Knowing I had to go home, I started worrying this afternoon about the fact I still haven’t heard about a placement or a job and was feeling a bit sad at the thought of going back to my nothingness at home. But then lo and behold, my phone rang. It was the careers service at uni who organise my placements. Gary has been massively helpful and was phoning to let me know that they hadn’t forgotten about me and were still looking for a placement. He asked how I was getting on with the job search and plans for reapplying for the PGCE and such. He then asked if I was going out tomorrow. I was baffled as to why he’s ask, but then he pointed out that tomorrow is my last official day of my course.

It seems momentous, and even though I’m poor, I couldn’t stand the thought of not celebrating the end of an era. I sent a text around and there is a few of us meeting in one of the union’s beer gardens tomorrow afternoon, then going to get ready and dressed up and making a night of it. I always complain about my social life, but my friends are actually the greatest. This fact was further proved as I came home to find that my friend who works in a card shop had put an application form through my door.
So by just letting things happen, I’ve realised I’m not alone, and things will pick up as long as I keep applying for things and being patient. In the meantime, I just have to enjoy myself the best I can. 

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