Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Driving Test Attempt 3

Well today’s entry is a challenge, as I just managed to fail my driving test for the third time, and can’t even retake it for another month.

I’ve been learning to drive for over a year, and have been taking and retaking a test a month since March. I’m getting nowhere fast and the infuriating part is, I’m failing on ridiculous things. So what have I learnt from the nerve wracking, tense, terrifying situation that is a driving test?

Answer: That the failure is soul destroying, as is telling your nearest and dearest that you failed again. Knowing that I’m going to have to go back onto the horrible, rickety rackety bus that takes an hour longer than necessary and occasionally doesn’t turn up has had me curled up in tears on my bed for a good hour three times now and I’m growling less certain that I’ll ever be able to drive or that the test is even possible to pass.

So how do you get over it? You can’t, but after throwing that much time, money and aspiration at driving, I can’t just give up. So I looked at my test sheet: unlike last time, it’s completely fair and I understand exactly why I failed and where I went wrong, so now I can work on it. I’ve had a cry to my driving instructor, parents and to my boyfriend and friends, then followed my dad and driving instructor’s advice: try not to dwell, its just bad luck so rebook as soon as possible. 

So that’s exactly what I’ve done. A month away isn’t ideal, but it’s the best its going to get. I’ve rebooked and now I just have to get on with things the same way I always have. Slowly and via public transport.

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