Friday, 6 July 2012

Just checking in again!

I finally got that feeling back, the one where I’m writing and I’m thinking of nothing else. Where I understand my characters and know what I want the reader to see, where I truly care about what is happening with them and want to keep the plot moving. I decided to ignore the ‘naff’ comment, got out of my writing rut and did something productive with my night in. I re-read the last couple of chapters, corrected a few bits and started on another one. All in all, I’ve written about 1000 words tonight and have 10,200 in total. I need to make time to do this more!

So I got my new haircut today and I love it. I unfortunately couldn’t re-start the fitness as British summertime is in full swing and it’s been torrential rain and thunderstorms all day, so the last place I wanted to go was running. But I have done my placement work. Monday really isn’t as far away as I think, and while I have 10 or 12 hours of work to get through this weekend (I can’t remember. I need to check the rota when I go in tomorrow,) I know that with that, seeing Marc and seeing my horse, it will fly. After the disappointing placement the other day, the last thing I want to do is go in unprepared on Monday. I want to make the best of it, so have done the work tonight, while I have nothing else to do but read, write and maybe watch Season 7 of Scrubs.

Talking about my writing, I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, and after uploading pictures of my new clothes yesterday, I’m thinking about starting a fashion and beauty blog too. However as I sit here in my baggiest, most faded, grungy looking jumper and leggings, I’m not entirely sure I have any authority, influence or credibility when it comes to fashion, so perhaps I should just keep track of ideas and if I find myself considering it again, go for it.

I think the only scary thing I’ve done today apart from facing my own writing again, was admitting to a room full of people at the hairdressers that I don’t actually like Fifty Shades of Grey – That I read 100 odd pages of it and lost interest. However, I’m not going to slag it off, good on E.L James. It’s doing really well and has definitely got people talking. As an aspiring writer, I’m far from perfect. In fact, have in the past been called ‘naff’ and ‘boring.’

And I realise that this is a boring blog entry, and that would be because apart from my new hair and writing, I have done very little of any interest to anyone today. So I will end it here, happy with my renewed productivity and interest in things I love and new hair. I’m going to go watch Scrubs and get an early night! I’m having the weekend away from blogging, so will hopefully return with all manner of interesting things to talk about!

Thanks for your continued support, interest and patience! 

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